Are you puzzling over the latest developments in the Lock Poker/Revolution Network saga? With so much information being put out there by marketing teams and interest parties, players may need a source which provides them with dry, hard facts about this ongoing story. We’ve put together what we think players need to know about the latest Lock Poker tale and promise to continue following the story as more events unfold.

1. Lock Poker has left the Revolution Network, citing “numerous and ongoing breaches” by the network and the fact that the network owed it “significant” amounts of money. Revolution shot back with a statement that “due to lack of payment to the Network and a large growing debt, the Network had no choice but to eventually segregate Lock players almost entirely from Network cash games. The Network issued an official final demand notice to Lock in October and unfortunately must now pursue Lock to the full extent possible by law to recover all monies owed and damages caused.”.

2. Lock Poker launched its new rebranded site, Lock Poker 2.0 using proprietary software. There are rumors that the site had been working on the software for over a year before the launch. The software has been praised as being very good. “The new software features include HU Rematch, re-entry tournaments, timed tournaments, weighted contributed rake and a native Mac client,” said Lock Poker in a statement. “Lock will continue to offer 36% rakeback through our rakeback partners as well as the current VIP program. All points, tournaments tickets and bonuses will be migrated to your new Lock account seamlessly.”

3. Lock Poker has still not been able to solve the problem of slow payment to its players. In a surprise move earlier this month, the group halted deposits from online e-wallet Skrill, with a spokesperson telling PokerFuse that “Lock made the decision to suspend deposits through Skrill as we are focusing on clearing up our cashouts.” It is estimated that over 100 players still need to be paid out, with all reporting very slow payment processes.

4. At around the same time that Lock Poker was encouraging players to upgrade to the new client, Revolution launched a new skin, Pure Poker. At one point, players seeking to upgrade to Lock Poker 2.0 were redirected automatically to Pure Poker. Lock Poker publicly accused Revolution of facilitating the “hijacking” of its upgrade process and threatened legal action. “Lock has no relationship whatsoever with Pure Poker,” wrote Lock. “Pure Poker has no Lock player data or account details. The only way to migrate your Lock balance, points and bonuses is to click on the download link in this email and then MIGRATE ACCOUNT once you launch the new software.”