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Black Chip Poker is on the Winning Poker Network and is currently available to players worldwide.** Black Chip Poker and the Winning Poker Network currently boasts major poker traffic available to USA players. Black Chip Poker is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (Canada) and the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.

Keep reading our Black Chip Poker review below for more information on why we consider Black Chip Poker one of the best poker rooms available for you to earn Free Grinderschool Poker Training. New players will receive 27% guaranteed rakeback plus a 100% up to $1000 deposit bonus.

Black Chip Poker Rakeback – 27%

Play Now at Black Chip PokerAll players at Black Chip Poker will earn 27% Guaranteed Rakeback with deductions for tournament dollars, deposits and withdrawals. The rakeback payments at Black Chip Poker are made once per week every Wednesday for rake paid during the previous week.

  Rakeback     Bonus Rewards     Total Rewards  
27% 20% 47%

You may choose to not earn rakeback and instead use their point for cash system, but this is not recommended. The 27% rakeback at Black Chip Poker is in addition to the 100% up to $1000 deposit bonus described below.

Black Chip Poker Deposit Bonus

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Deposit now at Black Chip Poker and receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $1000. It takes 27.5 Benefit Points to release $1 of deposit bonus and will be paid out in $1 increments. Players will earn 5.5 Benefit Points for each $1 in rake. This results in an additional 20% reward and expires in 60 days.

Bonus Code % Match Max Bonus Released Every: Rake Required Expiration Reward %
 N/A  100% $1000 $1 $5 60 Days 20%

As we mentioned above, the $1000 deposit bonus is in addition to the 27% rakeback at Black Chip Poker.

Black Chip Poker Traffic

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With the recent addition of Black Chip Poker, the Winning Poker Network has increased its size even more. Each week, more tables pop up and availability increases. The following table shows how the Winning Poker Network compares to other online poker networks during peak hours:

Rank* Poker Network* Peak Players in Lobby* Cash Game Players*
1 Poker Stars 250,000+ 45,000+
2 Full Tilt Poker 24,000+ 5,500+
3 iPoker 23,000+ 5,000+
4 888 22,000+ 5,000+
5 Party Poker 18,000+ 5,000+
9 Bovada 6000+ 3000+
21 Ongame 3,000+ 700+
22 Winning Poker 2,200+ 700+
25 Chico 2,000+ 500+
26 Merge 2,000+ 500+
28 Revolution 1,800+ 400+
29 International 1,000+ 500+
30 Enet 1,000+ 500+
36 Ultimate Poker 500+ 300+
37 WSOP 500+ 300+
42 Seals With Clubs 500+ 150+
*Data From

Play Now at Black Chip PokerThe most prominent game at Black Chip Poker is No Limit Holdem, with excellent selection at both 6-max and Full Ring. SNGs traffic is still fairly slim but has been known to pick up recently.

The Winning Poker Network has decent traffic and game selection to go with the guaranteed 27% rakeback and $1000 deposit bonus offered at Black Chip Poker.

Other games at the Winning Poker Network include Pot Limit Omaha and other side games, but rarely do those run even during peak hours. Check out the most recent game selection below:

Game* Type* Number of Tables* Total Players*
Texas Hold’em No Limit 100+ 500+
Omaha Pot Limit 30+ 200+
*Data From

The Winning Poker Network recently added the Online Super Series (OSS) that runs every January. In addition, players at Black Chip Poker will have access to the Mini Online Super Series (MOSS) that runs in November of each year as well as the Freeroll Online Super Series (FOSS). These mega tournament series provide the excitement and prize pools of large live tournaments but with the affordability and ability to play in your own home.

Also at the Winning Poker Network is The Beast–the worlds only progressive rake race. The way it works: For every $0.25 raked from the jackpot tables, $0.18 goes to The Beast rake race, and $0.07 goes to a monthly tournament. Players will earn points towards the race for every pot they contribute money to at the jackpot tables. All players will earn the same amount of points at the table whether they contributed $1 or $100. Players at higher stakes tables will earn points at a faster rate.

Black Chip Poker Software

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In mid-July, 2013 Black Chip Poker and the other skins on the Winning Poker Network released a major improvement of their software. Some of those changes include:

  • Relocation of tabs in the lobby for better display and usability
  • Improved cash game filter allows for better functionality
  • Players can now easily disable the Beast tables if desired
  • New design allows for more hands player per hour

While these new provide an even greater reason for players to stay on the network, there are still a few features lacking including no Mac or Linux usability. We believe if they came out with a Mobile/Flash version of their software as well then US players would flock to the network even more than they currently are.

USA players Black Chip Poker Logo Black Chip Poker Lobby Black Chip Poker Full Ring Table Layout

Black Chip Poker Rake Calculation

Play Now at Black Chip PokerBlack Chip Poker uses a “weighted contributed” rake calculation, which means that the amount of rake credited depends on the amount of money a player puts into a pot. “Weighted contributed” is often called “paid rake,” and means you don’t collect any points if you don’t see a flop, and rake is credited depending on how much you put in.

Some consider it to be the most fair method for calculating points, because the “weighted” means that the players who put the most money into the pot receives the most credit toward points. For instance, if player A puts $10 into a pot, and players B and C $20, $2.50 would be raked out of the $50 pot, and player A would only be credited 20% of that rake ($.50) and players B and C 40% each ($1).

Unfortunately for some, this means your playing style affects your rewards. Tight players, who don’t enter a lot of pots and therefore do not pay as much rake, wont receive as much rakeback.

Deposit and Withdrawal Times at Black Chip Poker

Grinderschool recommends USA players deposit at Black Chip Poker via Western Union, either online or in person at a Western Union location. USA players should withdrawal via debit card which allows players to receive their funds in a matter of days. Checks take roughly 2 weeks to receive but may take several weeks to clear at your bank account as they are drawn from an international bank.

We feel your funds are safe at Black Chip Poker and cash outs at the Winning Poker Network are the fastest to US players online today.

Overall Black Chip Poker Review

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Black Chip Poker’s recent move to the Winning Poker Network is definitely seen as a positive for current players. While current traffic and rakeback is reduced, the added benefit of reliability and cashout speeds far outweigh the negatives. Regardless of what poker room you choose, 6-max NLHE cash continues to dominate.

With 27% guaranteed rakeback and a $1000 deposit bonus, Black Chip Poker and the Winning Poker Network should be your go to network in 2013.

*Net Rake: Black Chip Poker defines Net Rake as the total rake paid by a player minus deposit bonuses and VIP rewards

**Residents of Kentucky, Maryland, and Washington State are restricted from playing at Black Chip Poker.