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Grinderschool Rakeback only supports poker rooms that provide high quality rewards, deposit bonuses and support to every player. Trust us to find you the perfect poker room for your needs and be rewarded with free deposit bonuses, free guaranteed rakeback and free poker training each month.

GSRB Poker Rooms for USA Players

Back To Top Grinderschool Rakeback has generated a list of reputable poker rooms for USA players. Choose from several US Poker Sites on the Merge Gaming Network, Revolution Gaming Network and the Winning Poker Network to find your perfect home.
Rank Poker Room Review Network Rewards Bonus Visit
1 Americas Cardroom Review WPN 27% Rakeback $1000 America's Cardroom Logo
2 Bovada Poker Review Bodog 60% Cashback $1000 Bovada Poker Logo
3 Black Chip Poker Review WPN 27% Rakeback $1000 Black Chip Poker Logo
4 True Poker Review WPN 27% Rakeback $1000 True Poker Logo
5 Carbon Poker Review Merge Max 35% VIP $5000 Carbon Poker Logo
Grinderschool Rakeback will keep all USA players informed on recent news and updates regarding poker rooms available to USA players.

GSRB Poker Rooms on the iPoker Network

The iPoker network is the fourth largest online poker network behind Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker. High volume players will receive higher rewards at iPoker than at Poker Stars and low volume players can earn free Grinderschool Poker Training the easiest at one of our iPoker rooms.

Poker Room Review VIP Rewards Bonus Bonus Code
Titan Poker Logo Titan Poker Up To 47.9% Cash Back $2000 grind4free
Bet365 Poker Logo Bet365 Poker Up To 49.5% Cash Back $1000 N/A
William Hill Poker Logo William Hill Poker Up To 50.6% Cash Back £1200 N/A

Players at Titan Poker will receive a very high Max VIP Rewards and high Minimum VIP Rewards for low rake earners. Earn the highest VIP Rewards with Free Grinderschool Poker Training on the iPoker Network.

Best Poker Rooms

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We have generated a comprehensive list of Best Poker Rooms for multiple scenarios. As poker rooms change their deposit bonuses, rewards system and traffic we too change our selections. Click each scenario on the left sidebar to view how we chose the best poker rooms for each category as well as the top 3 poker sites.

Other Poker Rooms Reviews on Grinderschool Rakeback

In addition to the poker rooms above, we have reviewed the following poker rooms with the majority available for players to earn Free Grinderschool Poker Training. That list is available below:

Poker Room Cashback
InterPoker 40.0%
PokerStars 78.0%
Full Tilt Poker 30.0%
Intertops Poker 36.0%
Red Kings 40.0%
888 Poker 36.0%
Muchos Poker 40.0%
Win Cake Poker 36.0%
Party Poker 50.0%

We will continue to update and add our list of best poker rooms!

Poker Network Traffic Comparisons

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Below is the breakdown of the poker networks and the traffic you will find in their lobbies and on their cash games during peak hours:

Rank* Poker Network* Peak Players in Lobby* Cash Game Players*
1 Poker Stars 250,000+ 45,000+
2 Full Tilt Poker 24,000+ 5,500+
3 iPoker 23,000+ 5,000+
4 888 22,000+ 5,000+
5 Party Poker 18,000+ 5,000+
9 Bovada 6000+ 3000+
21 Ongame 3,000+ 700+
22 Winning Poker 2,200+ 700+
25 Chico 2,000+ 500+
26 Merge 2,000+ 500+
28 Revolution 1,800+ 400+
29 International 1,000+ 500+
30 Enet 1,000+ 500+
36 Ultimate Poker 500+ 300+
37 WSOP 500+ 300+
42 Seals With Clubs 500+ 150+
*Data From

There is no mistaking Poker Stars as being the #1 poker room and network available world wide. But when you are the best like Poker Stars, you tend to forget what is the most important aspect of online poker: the player. Online poker players deserve to feel special and unique, and how can you do that when you’re one of just several hundred thousand?

Play at Poker Stars if you want to, but if you want to feel rewarded for being loyal to a poker room and be treated like a special poker player, find an online poker room willing to reward you for your loyalty. By finding a new poker room you will have higher rewards and deposit bonuses and will soon forget why you didn’t decided to switch sooner.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Under The Table Rakeback?

Grinderschool Rakeback attempts to provide the highest quality service by only promoting the best poker rooms and offering the best deals. We offer the same deal to everyone and refuse to offer any illegal rakeback programs. Any player that comes up to you offering you a “special deal” is nothing more than a glorified scam artist in our opinion. The deals are illegal at nearly every poker room and, if you accept, you could have your account closed and funds seized. Additionally, we are accountable for the poker rooms we promote and we take our job very seriously. Please send an email to if anyone offers you an under-the-table rakeback deal and we will take responsibility and deal with him ourselves.

Should I switch poker rooms from PokerStars?

It depends. Many USA players wish they could play on the most reputable and popular poker room online but that is mainly because of a lack of better options. For non-US players currently at the micro and small stakes, you are potentially losing out on a lot of money by playing at Poker Stars over other networks. Read our article on why you should switch from Poker Stars for more information.

What is the difference between rakeback and VIP rewards?

One of the incentives poker rooms use to retain and build a player base is rakeback. Over the past several years the differences of rakeback and VIP Rewards you receive by playing have increased. Whether you choose a rakeback poker room or a VIP Reward poker room should depend on where you currently live and how much rake you plan on generating for the poker room each month. Rakeback rooms offer a flat rate regardless of how much rake you generate during a given month. Alternatively, poker rooms that offer VIP Rewards give the highest rewards to the highest rake generators; with the highest VIP Rewards more than the highest rakeback percentage on any competing poker room.

When should I choose a rakeback poker room?

No matter where you live, choosing a rakeback poker room is going to benefit you the most if you are playing 1) $25nl or below at cash games, 2) $5 or below in tournaments, 3) less than 10,000 hands per month or 4) less than 1000 tournaments a month. With this much volume it is nearly impossible to generate enough rake at the VIP Reward sites to match a competing rakeback offer. At $50nl and higher, the amount of rake you generate increases significantly because of the larger pot sizes and at that time you should look into a VIP Reward poker room.

When should I choose a VIP rewards poker room?

Each VIP Reward poker room is different in terms of where they cross the rake threshold to make it more profitable for you to play there over playing somewhere else with rakeback. The VIP Reward poker rooms intentionally make their reward system confusing so they can advertise a higher reward rate than they actually plan on paying out. Grinderschool has spent the time and effort to give you a detailed description of your rewards at each poker room given how much you plan to play. Visit each VIP Reward poker room to know exactly how much you can expect to get back monthly depending on your stake and volume.

*Net Rake = Total rake paid by a player minus any deductions for bonuses or point purchases.
**Residents of individual countries or states may be restricted from playing from some poker rooms.